LIFE: What's Your Purpose?

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Whether we have the courage to admit it or not,
we all desire a purpose. 

We want to feel like we matter, like we're here for more than just the rinse, lather, repeat cycle that ends up becoming so many of our lives.  

For some of us, we’ve already concluded that there is no purpose. Nothing matters, really. Life is just a finite experience meant for us to live and enjoy and so be it. The concept of purpose is hokey, and something for those “religious people.”

Frankly, I think that’s a cowardly cop out. 

Believing you have no purpose, don’t matter, and play no role in the grand production of life is a belief grounded in fear and ease. It’s easy to believe you don’t matter, and the possibility of the contrary being true— that you actually do make a difference— is scary, because it means you’ve gotta take your shit seriously.

Having a purpose and fulfilling that purpose is serious business, so if you have the courage to believe in your purpose, the audacity to wonder about a greater meaning to it all, then I want to talk.

I think we’ve done a poor job at defining purpose. We’ve made it a huge, heavy, “out there” concept, and I can’t think of an occasion where we haven’t likened “purpose” to some sort of buried treasure. It’s always about “finding it” or “discovering it,” terms that naturally insinuate that our purpose is hidden elsewhere.

But what if purpose was something much simpler? What if it was something smaller, but magnanimous at the same time? What if it was lighter, but still heavy enough to completely change our lives? Best of all, what if purpose wasn’t “out there” but actually right here?

I think that those things are exactly what purpose is. 

I think our purpose is in our individuality. With over 6 billion people on the planet and not a single one of them the same, how can the uniqueness be an accident?

I don’t think it is. 

I think it’s entirely intentional, and I think that’s where each of our purposes lies.

Your purpose is to do nothing but be irrefutably authentic; to occupy the single space in the world that literally only you can fill. I just don’t see how it could be anything else.  

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"There were too many questions, but one day I realized they were all the same: "Who am I ?"

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