Funny, indeed, but not necessarily surprising.

Because peace is hard.

I’m not surprised more people would prefer to fight than lay down their weapons, although it seems counterintuitive.

Fighting is much easier than peace.

Here’s why:

Fighting involves very little self-control (if any.)
The goal of fighting is to win. Such a distinct goal makes the plan of attack quite simple:
do whatever it takes to be right, to not-die, to come out on top.

Peace, on the other hand, is much more complicated.
It’s entirely about self-control, self-sacrifice, about putting someone else (likely someone you don’t agree with) before yourself.
The goal of peace is kind of murky. It’s nothing & everything at the same time.
It’s not to be “right” or “wrong.” It’s not to “win” or to “lose.” It’s much more gray than it is black or white.
Such a non-distinct goal makes the plan of attack quite complicated (which is why fighting is often easier.)

Peace also does not mean giving up or letting someone else win. It doesn’t mean standing by while the ship goes down. Choosing peace does not mean choosing silence.

It means none of those two-sided things even matter anymore.

It means understanding that it’s much deeper than right or wrong, Christian or Muslim, Republican or Democrat.

Divisiveness is easy.

Peace is hard.

If you want peace: stop fighting.