Patience With Mystery

This weekend, I had the pleasure of hearing Richard Rohr speak about… well, so many different things… it’s really impossible to describe, because I’m sure that there were as many messages and interpretations of his talk as there were attendees (which was 1,000+, btw.)

He said so many incredible things, but one thing he said literally within 2 minutes of being on stage hit me right in the face and hasn’t left me since: patience with mystery.

It seems oxymoronic— to be patient in mystery; to sit, rather than scramble, in disequilibrium; to rest, rather than run, in chaos

I have encountered mystery just as many times as you, but not once has it occurred to me that I have the option to be okay with irresolution. I wondered if it were even possible for me. When presented with a situation which I truly did not understand, could I really choose patience rather than jump to some sort of resolution? Moreover, could patience potentially be the wiser choice, given I probably don't have all the answers, anyway?


What would choosing patience in the midst of your life’s mysteries look like for you? What if instead of rushing towards closure, you were just…



I dare say the mysteries become less mysterious when we meet them with patience.