Plateau-ing & Outgrowing


Eventually, what you’re doing today will stop working for you.

The diet and/or exercise regimen you’re following,
the way you show affection to your partner,
the routines & spiritual practices you have—
all of that will stop propelling you forward & giving you positive results sooner or later.

And it’s not because these habits & practices themselves will tarnish or become innately ineffective, rather you yourself will outgrow them. You will require new, updated stimuli to continue producing your desired outcomes.

It all sounds entirely too scientific, which will no-doubt resonate with some & be a turn-off to others, but to put it simply: you cannot just do the same thing forever and expect it to work forever.

Just because something is “working” for you today does not mean it will “work” for you tomorrow. In fact, I can almost certainly guarantee you— it won’t, because it can’t.

Look, I get this question on a daily basis with clients at the gym, and it’s no different in life: “What’s the best plan for me?" We all just want some rules & guidelines to follow— a plan, a map— and at first, it works! But in life, just like in the gym, there are phases.

You will eventually plateau & outgrow the plan you’re following now— whatever it is. Most of us call that “life plateau” feeling: stuck.

So, if you’re feeling stuck: r e p r o g r a m.
just keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing & wondering why it’s no longer working. It’s not working because you’ve outgrown it.