Potential Energy vs. Kinetic Energy

Here’s some heavy hittin’ news ya don’t want to hear: 

It hardly matters what you can do. 

Potential is a great place to prepare to start, but it ain’t startin’, and telling yourself that “thinking about it” is good enough, or counts just as much as actually doing it, is a lie. 


What great change, reform, happiness, has ever come from potential? It would not have been enough for Martin to simply dream. He had to go out and preach, teach, live that dream. 

And it’s still not enough to just say we believe in something. We must be the things we believe in, shifting from potential energy to kinetic energy in the world. 



Yes, potential energy is a great place of preparation, but in all honestly, it rarely ever counts for much, unfortunately. 

I’m keeping this in mind as the new year sneaks up and resolutions are on everyone’s minds. What are now resolutions filled with potential energy, I pray become wild balls of kinetic energy for you soon. 

Sign up.
Tear it down.
Build it.
Open your mouth.
Raise your hand.
Hit the gas.
Say the words.
Press “publish.”
Take the first step.
Rearrange it.
Push it, bend it, pull it, break it if that’s what it comes down to. 

But dear God— go.

Whatever that looks like for you. BE KINETIC.