Productivity Hacks: As Told By Me

Because it’s Sunday, the fresh start of a full week, (unless you’re in Europe, in which case Sunday is the last day of your week #TheMoreYouKnow), I think it's a fitting day to write about productivity and share some of my secrets to getting sh*t done. Here are 5 of my productivity hacks that are tested and true and proven to shrink your to do list by at least 1 item/week, or your money back guaranteed!

Good thing my blog is free. 

Anyway, here ya go:

1. Wake up earlier. 

Honestly, I could write an entire post about waking up earlier. (I'm going to, actually, stay tuned), but we’ll start small and simple here: 30 minutes. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you need to. It’s like some gifted you an extra chunk of time! Isn't that what we all complain there isn't enough of?! Voila!  

It may mean just enough time to make a good breakfast instead of grabbing a granola bar, or more time to get ready for the day and save you from any panicked rush. It may mean more time with someone you love, (and that someone might be you!), but whatever it means for you, waking up earlier is proven to increase productivity levels throughout the rest of your day. Try it. 

2. Make a “Today” list, tonight. 

Do you, too, spend a minimum of 37 minutes before you fall asleep thinking of things you need to do? Do you wake up on Saturday morning feeling ready to conquer the day, then end up still in your pajamas at 5pm having only conquered a season of Parks and Rec? Has your To-Do list gotten so long you just stopped looking at it? Then this is the strategy for you! (How’s that for an infomercial introduction?)

I have a note in my phone called "Today," (followed by whatever the date is just so I'm clear) and before I go to bed, I type in the 4 or 5 essential things I need to get done the following day. This kills like 15 birds with 1 stone. First bird: falling asleep faster. Second bird: setting goals. Third bird: Confidence boost from accomplishing goals. Fourth bird: actually getting things done. 

The key here is to be realistic, though. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Only put things on the list that can be done in a single day, that day being tomorrow. 

3. Stop thinking and just do it. 

 Super simple: pick one thing you need to do, don’t even think for a freaking second about it, and go do it. Productivity feeds productivity. Don’t wait till you feel like it or till you want to do it, just do it.

4. Stop negotiating with yourself. 

Sort of like number 3, but different. Quit debating whether or not you should or shouldn’t go to the gym, whether or not now is the best time to send that email, or whether or not you can make it another day without grocery shopping. Either go or don’t go. Send the email or don’t. But quit wasting energy and time thinking about it. No more negotiating. Either do, or don’t, and be done with it. 

5. Remember why you want it. 

Whatever “it” is, if you don’t have a solid reason why you’re doing it, it’s stupid easy to back out on. Why do you want to bring that box to Goodwill? Why do you want to clean the refrigerator or go for a run? Why is "it" on your list of things to do? Sometimes reminding yourself why you're doing something (or just becoming aware in the first place) kicks you into gear and motivates you to get going. Things feel much better when they're for a cause, so remind yourself of the cause, the "why", and stick with it. 

If you still aren't motivated to do anything, read my old blog "Bullsh!t", and if this doesn't do it, you're on your own. 

Happy Sunday and have a productive, happy week!