Real Life Dreams

I had a wack dream last night, and it totally shook me up. Like, all day today. I’m sure I’m not alone in this experience. You have this crazy, emotionally exhausting but realistic dream, and you wake up feeling all weird, even though you know it was just a dream. 

It’s so perplexing how we can’t shake bad feelings. Why are the yuck feelings so sticky?

Why do the bad dreams haunt us and not the good ones?

My good dreams are equally as scary as my nightmares, but scary in a different way. They’re also, for some sad reason, much less realistic in my mind. 

I’m just gunna put it out there—I dream of book signings and speaking gigs and one-on-one life-defining chats with people. I dream of telling the story of how I created a life I love to young, dreamy, insatiable, 20somethings. My actual big, scary, life dreams are those things. Writing a book, changing a life, being a part of someone’s journey. 

How come those dreams don’t haunt me and shake me the way that stupid one last night did?

How come I can go on living a normal day and put those dreams to the side, but not do the same with the fake dreams? 

What would your life look like if your real life dreams shook you up the way your nightmares did? How would you think, walk, talk if the thought of reaching your goals haunted you the way your bad dreams did? Who would you be if your real life dreams stuck with you all day long and became as realistic as those fake bad dreams? 

I think I might try and find out.