The word “resolve” is defined by Google as, “to decide firmly on a course of action.”

Many of us are “resolving” this time of year; resolving to be healthier, kinder, wiser, more present, less stressed. We are deciding firmly on courses of action different than the ones we’ve taken in the past, and with fingers crossed & hopeful hearts, some of our firm decisions might make it to the end of February.

Tis the nature of resolutions, right?

Maybe not.

A closer look at the word “resolve” reveals its origins:
from the latin root “re-” (meaning back or again) + “solvere” (meaning loosen, untie, release.)

How can we both firmly decide & loosen and release at the same time?

Perhaps we have been resolving the wrong way all these years.

These napkin-scribbled words are “resolutions” of mine from 2017. For me, they are firm decisions that allowed me to loosen into who I am. By thinking less about the things I think about too much, getting honest with myself & reveling in my courage to try, I firmly decided to untie myself from the BS bindings I had around my ideas, my heart & my desires.

This new year, I encourage you to loosen, to release, to untie yourself; to firmly decide to become who you really are.

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