So That You May Shine

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Certainly, this is true for love.

But I think it should also be true for humanity; for relations between one human and another. Doing something for someone with no expectation of something in return should not be limited to romantic partnerships.

Each of us wants to shine.
Each of us deserves to shine.

The more we treat the others humans of this world as ATMs,
transactional beings to which we offer a robotic “Hey how are you”
so that we might get what we want from them,
the further we expand the gap between You and Me.
And the bigger the gap, the harder it will be for us to love.


What will you do today simply so that someone else might shine?

P.S. - Today’s MONDAY MEMO is a quick 7-minute episode about remembering the simple fact that we’re all humans. (Even the people that suck.) Check it out here!