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Who's Your Boss?

Your bosses in your life are things like what you listen to, what you read, what you see, what you eat, the routines you have and actions you take daily. Each of those things is the boss of you in some way. Each of those things, in a way, tells you what to do, how to behave, and each one gives way to certain attitudes and moods. 

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What I've Learned In The Gym

When I first started working out, I thought I was doing it to be healthy, to lose some college weight, and maybe make some new friends. I anticipated the exposure of my weaknesses physically, having not worked out consistently in what seemed like an eternity, but I did not expect the gym to shine a light onto all the other areas of my life where I was weak.

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Rewrite Your World

How different the world would be if we weren’t so obsessed with passing and failing, As and Bs, rights and wrongs, successes and failures. How differently you would love yourself if you gave credit for showing up, for effort, for swinging, instead of keeping score by a set of rules made up by someone else. 

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