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LIFE: The Part Where I Was Really Sad

So this week, I want to tell you about the part(s) where I was really sad (sub: lonely, scared, frustrated, lost, etc.) and those parts extend beyond my 1-year stint as Madame/Ms. Jordan. I also want to set the record straight on what was so misaligned when I was teaching, because in my hyper-awareness of how my situation & choices are perceived by others, I fear being viewed as a "quitter," a millennial who didn't want to work so ran home to mommy and daddy.

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LIFE: The Very Beginning Part Of My Story

This week, though, I want to tell you the story of how I became a teacher, which is a vital part of the big story of how I un-became a teacher. I often express how unfulfilled, tired and sad I was in the classroom, but I fear that I’ve not adequately explained the depth of that lack of fulfillment, fatigue and sadness. It was beyond being tired of grading papers and making copies. It was more than PTO meetings and silly standards and objectives. Those were not that things that made it so terrible.

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