The Allocation of Limited Resources


Something less than perfect is going to happen to you today. 

Things aren’t going to go your way, something’s going to cause you anxiety, someone’s going to be a jerk to you or simply get under your skin.

It’s not only likely, it’s inevitable. There’s no question about whether or not we’re going to encounter a situation that’s not to our liking. 

The question, then, is how much space are we going to let that situation take up?

When we get off of work and spend the first 45 minutes recounting nightmares from the office to our partners/families, we’re letting that situation take up way more space than it needs to.

When we devote time and effort to typing out an angry Facebook status or sending a seemingly harmless Snapchat complaining about some misfortune that struck us today, we’re, again, making space in our lives for something negative.

If time, attention, effort and space are limited resources in our lives—which, by the way, they all are— wouldn’t it be worth considering how much of each we’re giving and where?

What happens to us is not our choice, but the space we devote to those happenings is most certainly our choice.

Use your resources wisely, because there’s only one person to blame when they run out.