The Big Questions...

are also the scary ones.

And so it requires courage to ask them. 

And the pursuit of the answers to those questions also involves repeated blows to the ego, the heart, the self, the soul. 

Normally, we seek to find.
We ask to receive an answer. 

But I think The Big Questions are about more than answers. I think they're about the journeys we all go on as we painstakingly search for who we are and what we mean in this world. 

If you're asking The Big Questions, or know someone grappling with them (don't we all?) I want to help. This past week, I launched a new pursuit in my own journey towards the "answers" to those questions. 

Lifestyle Coaching.

Check out my website for the full spiel and to explore options that might help YOU embrace your own journey of asking the big, scary questions. From online coaching and e-courses, to in-person or video/phone sessions, I really believe it's of utmost importance that we ask, and I want to be a part of that journey with you.

Going > Arriving
Seeking > Finding
Asking > Answering

It's a mentality that takes time and conscious effort to cultivate, but it's life-changing once we understand it. My 3P Coaching Program focuses intensely on this mentality. 

Here's to being brave, to asking The Big Questions, and to learning to love the journey instead of the arrival. 


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