The F Word

What if failure was a neutral concept? What if there were no negative connotations surrounding the word? What if it wasn’t this dark, black cloud looming in the background of all our ideas and pursuits, but just a regular cloud? What if failure was just a different door to walk through, an unplanned path we could meet with curiosity and pleasant surprise? 

What if we stopped seeing failure as an end, but merely an alternative beginning?

Am I so egotistical that I think there is no possible way to find joy besides the one way I’ve imagined? 

Are you?

I’m not naive enough to believe failure isn’t an option. There is always the possibility that it might not work. 

Instead, I have just chosen to see failure as the route I didn’t think of. 

It is, after all, through many, many so-called “failures” that I have found myself.

And how happy I am now to have been wrong so many times.