The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

What a gift

it is

to your Self

to just be

in silence.

When was the last time

you gave your Self

time + space to wonder?

To think,

to imagine,

to allow yourself to go to the limits,

the edge

of that thought,

that feeling,

that story you tell yourself?

Have you ever

given your Self

this gift?

My invitation to you, this week, is to intentionally save just 10 minutes of your week to exist in silence. 

Sit on the porch. 

Stay in your car before heading inside.

Go for a walk without your phone.

Take a bike ride.

Wake up a little earlier.

Go to bed a little later.

Invite your Self to just be.

It is the best gift I have ever given Me. 

me enjoying some silent time this weekend

me enjoying some silent time this weekend