The Motivation Misconception

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Look familiar? 

For me, it's all too easy to get trapped in this cycle. I know deep down I need to do X, Y, Z... but I just don't feel like doing it, so I don't. 

Then I feel like doo doo because I didn't do what I know I needed to do, so I rag on myself, and we're back to square one, waiting to "feel like" getting it done. 

the notion that you need to "feel like" doing something in order to do it--  that motivation precedes those big, hard, scary, worthwhile accomplishments-- is total bull$h!t. 

By the nature of what I do and where I work (a gym) I get asked a lot, "But how do you stay motivated?" 

And it kills me!

The answer is: I don't. I don't think anyone does. I think the most "successful" people know better than to rely on a feeling like motivation to get them to where they want to be. I don't "stay" motivated, and I have tons of days where I opt out of my full potential because I choose to give in to those feelings of self-critique & laziness.

But what I want to say when people ask me "How do you stay motivated?" is this:
Quit making it about motivation. That's where you're failing before you even start. Put in the work if/when you're motivated. And put in the work when you're not. Period. That's all. 

In this way, it's not about motivation.
It's about discipline. 

This is the misconception many people have not only in the gym, but in life, in work, in love, and it's so, so important that we make the distinction lest we remain less than who we were intended to be. You are capable of so much more than "motivation" allows for. 

Where in the cycle are you?
What are you going to do to break it?