The Only Way Out


My first day at my new job involved me making a lot of phone calls and leaving a lot of voicemails. 

I hate leaving voicemails. Even to people I know! 

I stared at the phone in my hand (a landline!) with butterflies in my stomach and my heart beating out of my chest, rehearsing my voicemail script in my head over and over. I kept trying to think of ways around making the call. 

It took me at least 3 minutes to actually dial the number. (Did I mention I hate leaving voicemails?)

Of course, I survived (it was a close call... no pun intended) and I also survived several more calls & voicemails that day, and it (of course) got easier the more I did it.

Making those calls was the equivalent of standing in the middle of a dark, creepy forest alone at night.  

The worst part about fear is that there's only one way out: through. 

You can stand in the middle of the forest, afraid, for as long as you want, but the only way to lose that fear, is to go straight through it.

Whatever you're afraid of-- go through it,
because there's no such thing as going around it.