The Secret to Happiness, Health & Wealth

We always want to know the secret. We want something huge — happiness, weight loss, fortune — and we want it to come easy, so we want to know the secret.

Go on any Huffington Post-esque site right now, and you’re guaranteed to find at least 5 articles on “The 10 Things All Successful People Have in Common” or “5 Things To Do Everyday To Be Happier”. And they have like, millions of views. Because we want to know the secret. We want to know the simple, fast, streamlined approach to getting what we want.

In a podcast the other day, one of the speakers made an excellent point about the “secret” mentality. He said (paraphrased):

“First of all, before we think about the answer, let’s think about the question. Is it really possible that there is a secret to happiness, and that I know it, and you don’t?”

Is it possible that there’s some big secret, one piece of information, that you’re missing and someone else has, that separates you from being happier or healthier or richer?

Not likely.

Here’s the real secret: go. Just go. Now.


It’s easier said than done, but that’s the way it works. If you’re looking for easy, it turns out, a secret is not the way you wanna go. The secret to being happy or getting in shape or making more money is just straight up doing it. Nike freakin’ nailed it: Just do it.

And don’t make it an option. Don’t wonder whether or not you should go to that yoga class or ask an old friend to grab a coffee, just do it. Don’t debate going on a walk or hitting the gym, just do it. If you aren’t doing it, do you want it badly enough?

There is no secret, but there is a problem, and the problem is this: you don’t know what you want. You think you do. You say you want to be in shape and be healthy and be happy, but if you aren’t actually doing anything to get there, do you really want that? Is that truly what you want? Or do you just want the idea of that?

Get real with yourself. Figure out what you want. Don’t make it an option or a choice, (because you’ll always choose the easy route) and just go. Just do it. Get up from your couch. Get off of your high horse. Get down to the nitty gritty, and do it. If you’re making excuses, you are lying to yourself about how badly you want it.

So either do it, or stop pretending like you want to do it. That’s the secret.


Emily JordanComment