The Secret To Maximizing Your Time

Our culture is obsessed with maximizing our time.

Productivity is a hot topic as we incessantly search for ways to do more in less time, to work faster & more efficiently (or so we think), so we can
make more
do more
produce more.

This pressure to be constantly doing has made idleness the ultimate enemy.

I know I definitely struggle to just be,
to do one thing at a time
or even just do nothing.

The rate at which I buzz around all day doing all my things and going all my places is alarming.

I’m very much part of the culture obsessed with maximizing my time & doing more, more, more— which often means just going faster, faster, faster at everything I do.

It leaves very little time for breathing,
all of these things that are so very vital to creating a life worth maximizing in the first place.

Which is exactly why my latest morning doodle was this:

What good is there in maximizing our time if we’re simultaneously minimizing the value of that time?

I think the actual secret to maximizing our time—to doing more, making more, producing more— is, ironically, slowing down.