Thriving Conditionally

Plants need water, air and sunlight to grow. No water? They won’t grow. Not enough air? Won’t grow. Not sunny enough? Ain’t gunna grow. When you pick a flower, it can only last so long in a vase before it dies, and if you leave your plants alone for a week while you go on vacation, they probably won’t be alive when you return. 

Plants thrive conditionally. They only grow and live and flourish when things are just right. 

The beautiful thing about being a person and not a plant (besides, like, mobility and all) is that we don’t have to thrive conditionally. At any point, regardless of what conditions are met or not, we can grow and live and learn and flourish.

Many of us, though, make our liveliness and happiness conditional. Only when x, y & z are met can we be fully happy. 

The problem with making conditions for our happiness, though, is that unlike a flower, we can bloom in the dark. Of course it is easier to blossom when the sun is shining and people are friendly and we are getting what we want, but facility is not the discussion at hand. 

To hell with conditions for happiness and life. To thrive conditionally is to miss thousands of moments that may fall short of our criteria but that just might be better than we could have calculated. 

We can live with our checklists of conditions, but it never fails—we always end up overlooking some of the greatest things, just because they aren’t on the list.