To Be Young Again


“To be young again,” the lady sighed as she and her gray-haired companion gazed across the street at the 20somethings chugging beer, flipping cups & slipping down the inflatable slide.

They climbed in their Mercedes and drove off.


Why does Elsewhere always tempt us? Why do Other Times always seem to weigh more than Now Times? Them, then, that, those— but what about us, now, this, these?


Breathe in. 

And again.

Are you here? Those times were good & those lives are amazing— there is nothing to be taken away from what’s over there, but now— now this is unique, this is irreplaceable, this is once-in-a-lifetime. 


Yes, to be young again would be lovely. To be them and have that might be terribly wonderful, but to be you & me, to be here & now— that would be remarkable.