Weekly Challenge: Single-Tasking


This week, I'm challenging myself to something & I wanted to invite you to do the same. 

I'm calling it: single-tasking (although I'm almost certain that's just a fancy term for something that needs no term.)

This week, I'm challenging myself to do one thing at a time in as many places as possible. I kind of started already & the strangest thing happened just before I sat down to write this post: I was walking from my car to my front door (*only walking,* not texting/checking my email/scrolling through instagram per usual) & I noticed 2 lanterns in our apartment hallway I've never seen before. Funny what you can see when you're looking up. 

So this week, here are a few of my pledges: 

When I'm driving, I'll just be driving.
When I eat, I'm just going to eat.
When I go to bed, I'm just going to go to bed.
When I'm enjoying myself, I'm going to only enjoy myself.

NOTE: Just so we're clear, I still plan to listen to music while I work out, sing in the kitchen while I cook & talk about potentially uninteresting things to Michael while I have my morning coffee. I'm counting those things as "enjoying myself."

So-- are you in? Let me know in a reply to this email & keep me posted on the results of the challenge if you decide to participate! I'll be updating here next week.