Weekly Challenge UPDATE



They say nothing is a failure if you learned something, but in black & white terms: I failed my weekly challenge.

Last week, I wrote about how I was challenging myself to “SINGLE-TASK” for the week, i.e.— only do one thing at a time.
No more texting & driving.
No more checking my emails while I worked out.
No more TV while I ate.

I started off strong… but as the week wore on, I started catching myself multitasking without even realizing it! It’s amazing how often we are doing 2 or 3 things at once simply because we feel like it’s more convenient, saves us time, etc.

(How much time does deleting emails while having breakfast really save me after all?)

BUT— like I said, I learned a lot despite not abiding by my own resolutions entirely. I learned:

  1. Doing nothing is almost always harder than doing something.

  2. I am terribly unobservant.
    2a. One thing I tried to do while “single-tasking” was pay closer attention to my surroundings by going through each sense as I did something. Upon leaving the gym, for example, I thought to myself, “It feels so humid. It smells like fall. I taste minty gum. The sky kind of matches the parking lot color. I hear cars & birds & car doors closing.” In doing this, I was at least 10x more aware of so many things I had never seen, smelled or felt before. It was really great.

  3. I’m a lot more tense/mentally cluttered than I knew.

  4. I mainly stay “busy” out of fear rather than necessity.
    4a. Fear of: my thoughts, feeling “unproductive,” forgetting something, feeling “bored,” & even fear of relaxing and risking the self-inflicted judgment of being “lazy.”

Although I didn’t stick to my resolutions very well, it was a great lesson & I’m definitely more aware of my multi-tasking & lack of presence now than I was 8 days ago.

Again, I encourage you to try “single-tasking,” even if just for 24 hours & see what you learn. I’d be curious to hear your findings.