What I've Learned In The Gym

If you haven't heard/read somewhere by now-- I recently became a personal trainer and now work at my gym, Anytime Fitness, here in New Orleans. 

While this is a wonderful interaction of the joy teaching brings me & my enthusiasm for fitness and health, the gym and training is so much more than that for me...

Check out this post I made recently on instagram and wanted to share with you, my faithful readers & blog family, this week. If you saw the original post, no worries, you know I couldn't resist adding more in this blog post ;) 



When I first started working out, I thought I was doing it to be healthy, to lose some college weight, and maybe make some new friends. I anticipated the exposure of my weaknesses physically, having not worked out consistently in what seemed like an eternity, but I did not expect the gym to shine a light onto all the other areas of my life where I was weak.

Damn you, fitness, for not only showing how feeble my biceps are, but also how feeble my self-proclaimed tough-girl mindset was.

When I started working out consistently, I found out I was not only weak at lat pulls and bench presses, I was weak at making decisions, at depending on myself, at pushing myself past the point of comfort. The gym took all of those hidden holes and weaknesses and busted them wide open for me to deal with.

I've learned a lot in the walls of that gym and through the winding sidewalks and running paths of sticky, humid New Orleans. I've grown muscles and stamina to carry me distances I never imagined I'd go, but mostly I've grown a mental muscle I never knew was weak until I needed it.


Towards the end of a hot, evening lakeside run with my sister the other day, I found myself (naturally) coaching her through the last quarter mile or so. I knew (and she knew) that she could make it, but there's nothing like discipline and motivation when your knees are aching and your breath is constantly escaping you.

"You got this," I said in between breaths. "You got this because the same muscle you use to stay awake and alert in the O.R. (she's a med student) is the same muscle you're using right now to get you home."

This is what I've learned in the gym. 

I've learned that my self-doubt at work is the same self-doubt I get underneath the squat bar. I've learned that the temptation to hit snooze and half-ass my responsibilities is the same temptation to skip that last set, quit one minute early. I've learned that I can re-shape my life through training and habits and heavy things, because it's all the same muscle. 

That's what I've learned in the gym.