What Type of Chef Are You?


There are really two types of chefs in the kitchen:

the ones who follow the recipe to a T, and the ones who seem to be just floating around using words like “dash” and “pinch” as measurements. 

There are also two types of recipes: the ones you don’t dare mess with and the ones that, as long as every ingredient is accounted for, ya just can’t mess up. 

(My mom’s “trash mix” seasoning is the first type. My dad’s homemade ice cream is the latter.) 

It’s important when you’re cooking to know what type of chef you are and what type of recipe you’re dealing with. Sometimes, you need to be quite careful, measure everything exactly, and follow the recipe just so. Other times, the quantities vary based on taste and preference and you’re free to add and subtract as you please. 

Yes, there is a time and place for both types of cooks and recipes, and the same holds true with life. 

There is a time and place to mindlessly follow the recipe, to precisely measure, to make sure all the boxes are ticked and everything is exactly accounted for. 

And then there’s a time and place to be intentional, to question, to act on instinct, to stop and think if maybe there isn’t another way to do this.

The trick is two-fold: being able to recognize which times and places call for which type of cooking, and being prepared for the ever-present grandmother-type that will eventually say some variation of, “But this is how we’ve always made it…”


How are you cooking your way through life? 

Are you simply crossing the Ts and dotting the Is because the “recipe” says so? 

Or are you doing things with purpose and choice?

Worst case (and quite common) scenario: you’re mindlessly measuring, pouring, mixing and then consuming a creation you’re unsatisfied with. 

The good news: you’re the chef and the consumer. Make what you like.