What's In Your Center Circle?


This is how a lot of us see our lives: there's something external at the center, and our problems stem off of that. 

Consequently, we spend a lot of time trying to alter that thing in the middle, believing that it's to blame for our poor health, bad attitude, feelings of sadness, etc.

If this diagram were really the way things worked, then that method of attack would make perfect sense. "Pop" the bubble at the center, and get rid of all the problems around it. 

Here's what it's actually like though:


This is a pill that's much harder to swallow. 

You can blame your job, your boss, your partner your time or your financial situation, but the truth is: you're your own problem. 

Those external "problems" you're so focused on aren't really problems at all: they're symptoms of of your perception, mindset & choices. 

Instead of investing time & energy into altering external things, look internally and do the dirty work that ain't easy but actually works.

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