"Who Am I?"

How many times have we been swallowed up in the pursuit of the answer to this question:

“Who am I?”

Gosh, what we wouldn’t give to just have something definite & solid shouted back in response as we cast our cries to the universe:

“Who am I?”

But we have no answer—never will have an answer— because this is the wrong question.

We are not meant for stagnancy, stillness, arrival. You can ask the big questions all you want (Who am I? What am I doing? What is my purpose?) but so long as you are asking with the hope of receiving/finding a solid, definite answer: you will come up empty.

A far better, far more uncomfortable question is this:

“Who am I becoming?”

So what if you find out who you are today. Who’s to say it’s who you will be tomorrow, or the day after that?

And what if the universe replied, “Your purpose is to teach French!” Who’s to say this will be your purpose a year from now?

We must get more comfortable with evolving if we ever want to feel real peace. Although it be paradoxical, peace with ourselves only comes after the acceptance of the chaos within.

My advice (to myself & to you) when you feel so lost & confused that you just desperately want to know “Who am I?” is to remember that perhaps you’re in your cocoon.

You are still becoming.

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