Why are you like that?

A couple weeks ago, I was driving down a narrow stretch of road—a divided highway with a grassy median in the middle & a sidewalk on either side of the roads. There was a woman, outfitted in her exercise clothes, walking in the street, forcing me to slow down and squeeze to one side.

“Seriously lady?!” I thought, “There’s a sidewalk right there! Why are you walking in the middle of the freakin’ road?”

A few days later, I went for a jog down that same road (albeit on the sidewalk, unlike that mindless woman…) & when I got to that section of the sidewalk, I noticed how overgrown the grass & bushes were.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 6.13.47 AM.png

You couldn’t even see the sidewalk. My legs were getting covered in those aphid plants my brother used to slide between my teeth as a kid as a prank, and the “grass” was up to my hips!

As I jumped down to run in the road to avoid the brushing assault from the overgrown foliage, I silently offered an apology to the Universe & the woman from a couple days ago.

Turns out, most people have reasons for doing what they do.
We may not know them.
We may not understand them.
But why jump to the conclusion, as I did with the woman on the road, that people are simply mindless idiots with no thought behind their actions whatsoever?

ANSWER: because it’s easier than the alternative, which is to really, truly consider the experience(s) of a human outside of ourselves.