You Just Lost The Game

The object of The Game is not to think about The Game.

If you think about The Game, you lose.

(That means, you’re losing right now.)


That’s how the game of Being Yourself goes.

Same for the game of Making a Life.

The more we think about being ourselves, the less ourselves we are.

The more we think about making a life, the less time we're spending actually making a life.

We are our truest selves when we’re not thinking about being ourselves at all.

Our lives are richest and purest when we surrender to the mystery of the Universe and stop thinking about how to be successful, happy, comfortable, stable.

It’s tempting to believe we can think these things into existence.

But the object of The Game is not to think about the game.

I spent a lot of time this week losing The Game. I was wrapped up in my thoughts, falling prey to the trap of believing I could think my way in & out of things.
It was miserable.
That’s why I want to extend the invitation to you this week to think less about trying to be or live a certain way and just live. I think you’ll find, as did I, that The Game is a lot more fun when you’re winning (i.e., not thinking about it.)

Emily JordanComment