Your Human Is Showing

Don’t let anyone see you being human. 

We’re all humans, but don’t let anyone see you actually being one. 

Don’t let anyone see you worry or struggle. 

Don’t let them see you fear or doubt, and especially don’t let them see you be brand new, open, vulnerable. 

Be careful not to let anyone see you cry or mess up, and be weary of trying new things when others are around. 

Don’t admit to being wrong or things having turned out differently than you expected, and look around to make sure you’re alone before you fess up to your mistakes (if you ever fess up at all.)

Don’t let people hear you fumble over your words or stutter, and pay close attention to asking questions (what kinds and how many.)

Make sure no one’s around before you breakdown and wonder what the hell is going on, definitely don’t reach out unless you have to, and always, always just say everything’s fine.

I mean, we’re all humans, just never in front of each other.