You’re That Person


That person that changed lanes right on top of you without even using a blinker!

That person who didn’t reply timely enough to a text or bother to return your call when you even left a message. 

You’re that person who told a long, boring story that was hard to listen to, much less care about.

You’re also that person who held up the line in the grocery store, who inconvenienced someone with your park job, who forgot something important that effected other people, etc, etc, etc.

We’re all that person.

It doesn’t mean you can’t get angry when someone upsets you or be annoyed when someone cuts you off. It means you can be empathetic, though. 

We all make incorrect assumptions, mess up, choose the wrong thing, get confused, or momentarily stop thinking straight. Go tell it on the mountains of social media (or whatever your “mountain” is) what some jerk of a person did to you today, but don’t forget that you’re that person, too.