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We Honor Ourselves


W.H.O. (We Honor Ourselves) is a small group for teenage girls that began as a way to guide some of my former students through the struggles of young womanhood. Through weekly meetings involving small group discussions, crafts, and personal writing prompts, the girls learn about who they are while also exploring different perspectives on the similar issues they face.

In leading the groups, I act simply as a guide. I ask questions that make the girls think, as well as understand that it's not about erasing problems but about developing ways to handle problems as they arise.


Growth & Learning

Each girl will experience personal growth & learn to honor herself and her peers through:

  • A sense of community and trust

  • A shared understanding of privacy

  • Encouragement to focus on introspection

  • An opportunity to be heard

  • NEw relationships and friendships

  • Positive emotional and mental development


For Parents

Parents, thank you for your interest in W.H.O.! Through these relaxed and comfortable small-group meetings for middle school girls, your daughters will grow in confidence and understanding of themselves and the world while also fostering new friendships.


Register Your Daughter

If you’d like to register your daughter for a girls group, you can do so here.

Discussion Prompts

Feel free to reach out to me with suggestions for discussion prompts (or topics you'd rather we not discuss).


Sessions meet weekly for 8 weeks. Each weekly meeting runs an hour & 15 minutes and days are chosen based on participating members' schedules. Weather permitting, all groups meet outside. This outdoor setting inspires the girls to appreciate the little things while thinking deeply and discovering more about themselves. Sessions are currently open during the school year only for girls in grades 6-8.

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